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RCM Services

Billing Audits & Reporting

Medical auditing entails conducting internal or external reviews of coding accuracy, policies, and procedures to ensure you are running an efficient and hopefully liability-free operation. The RevWerx team is prepared to perform thorough audits to maximize your company’s efficiency.

Claims Management

In essence, claims processing refers to the insurance company’s procedure to check the claim requests for adequate information, validation, justification, and authenticity. At the end of this process, the insurance company may reimburse the money to the healthcare provider in whole or in part. The RevWerx team uses its years of experience in the field to accelerate the claims management process.

Utilization Reviews

Utilization review focuses on health care providers reviewing patient records to assess if complete and accurate treatment or services occurred. This process safeguards against unnecessary and inappropriate medical care. RevWerx will work with your company to ensure that all medical procedures were appropriate and unavoidable.

Benefits & Pre-Authorization

An insurance company may require pre-authorization before patients may receive certain medications, tests, or health services. The RevWerx team will work diligently with you to obtain and verify pre-authorization and benefits.

In-House Billing

RevWerx can be your go-to resource for proper in-house billing practices and procedures. This integral aspect of the healthcare RCM process can be streamlined with our team’s assistance.

Aging Collections Management

Our RevWerx team is an asset when it comes to aging collections management. We can help your company collect on delinquent accounts, which keeps your books balanced.

About RevWerx

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the process of handling billing, payment processing, and revenue collection. A revenue cycle in healthcare is a repeating process that begins with billing a patient and ends with collecting payments or writing off the bill. Consider our RevWerx team as your billing concierge because we customize your healthcare RCM to your individualized needs. We are a clinician-based billing company, which means that we have clinicians on staff to deal with the insurance companies, so you don’t have to. Let our team of experts become part of your team.

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