a pair discusses revwerx's verification of benefits servicesWith the increase in demand for services, verification hold times are up. When verification hold times become longer, the entire billing cycle is adversely affected. If your healthcare organization has a disrupted billing cycle, it will affect the level of care that you can give your patients.

Our RevWerx team knows that you didn’t get into the healthcare field because of billing. You became a healthcare provider to help people feel better. That’s why our services can be so vital to your business. The RevWerx team can help with each step of the billing cycle, including our verification of benefits services.

What Is a Verification of Benefits?

A verification of benefits also referred to as a VOB, is a preliminary verification of a potential client’s insurance coverage. This is a routine call, aimed at verifying the types of coverage, allowable services, and general reimbursement amounts and guidelines. This allows a provider to make informed decisions and provide accurate information to a potential patient or client, prior to their admission into the clinical setting or receipt of services.

In particular, receiving authorization is essential to avoid claim denials or aging collections. Verification of benefits also plays an important role by eliminating errors in patient data that cause billing denials and, consequently, time and money loss for practices. That results in faster and more efficient payments and reduced debt.

Our RevWerx team wants to be your billing department, not your billing company. We work with you to determine the best course of action to take to improve your billing cycle process. Our verification of benefits services can be a game-changer for large and small healthcare providers. If you are interested in learning more about our verification of benefits services, reach out to our friendly RevWerx team today by calling 833.309.0138 or completing our online form.

Our Verification of Benefits Services

In the event that outsourcing is the best fit, our RevWerx team provides full-service verification of benefits services. Our VOB services are not based on “cookie-cutter” data that can result in unpaid claims or denied services. We call on each policy and truly verify what benefits are available. This kind of concierge service is one of the reasons why RevWerx is unlike any other company in the healthcare industry.

Also, another reason that RevWerx excels at what we do is that we have nurses and clinicians on staff that take on the insurance companies. These nurses and clinicians know the ins and outs of the VOB process, and they also know how to speak with the insurance companies. This advantage helps to accelerate your entire billing process, especially verification of benefits.

We will also work closely with admission staff to ensure quick turnaround times. Also, when we say full service, we mean it. Does the family have questions about their policy? Have them call us, we are glad to explain, in detail, what the VOB truly means to their admission decisions.

Allow Our VOB Services to Streamline Your Business

Our RevWerx team can be your guide through every step of the RCM billing process. We provide a unique perspective that is the result of our years of experience in the healthcare industry. No matter the size of your organization, we can recommend changes to your workflow that will increase your productivity.

RevWerx’s assistance means that you can focus on the patients that need your care, and not the intricacies of healthcare billing. If you are curious about how we can help you, contact our team today by calling (800) 851-7093 or completing our secure online form. Discover how our VOB services can make a difference in your organization.