a group is happy they have behavioral health consulting servicesRevWerx provides behavioral health-specific consulting services for mental health and substance use disorder treatment providers. More specifically, our consulting is focused on overall program performance as it relates to the overall revenue cycle process. We also specialize in billing strategy, assessing in-house capabilities vs. outsourcing options. Our primary company goal is to help providers be empowered and make decisions that are best for them. We use our experience and industry knowledge to help providers make more informed decisions.

Substance Use Disorder Consulting Services

RevWerx provides revenue-focused consulting services for substance use disorder and addiction treatment providers. We believe that utilizing an outside perspective is invaluable for leaders within any organization. This fresh view allows for new ideas and solutions to be identified.

Our staff has provided support in a wide variety of clinical settings, regions, demographics, and patient demographics. We have worked within most of the fifty states and are typically familiar with state regulations. Whether you are looking to improve your existing programs, expand or assess taking billing services in-house, we can help.

Some of the reasons that organizations typically partner with our RevWerx team for substance use disorder consulting services include:

  • Avoiding common mistakes – Running a successful drug rehab is no different from any other business. It requires the right tools, staff, marketing, and legal support to maintain relevancy and compliance. An addiction treatment consultant like RevWerx can advise you on what you need and help allocate which aspects of your business need more focus or less and when.
  • Experts need a fresh perspective, too – Every expert needs someone on the outside to take a look at what you’re doing on the inside, without an emotional or financial attachment, and see what you can’t.
  • Proper planning for the future – Addiction treatment consultants like RevWerx will thoroughly examine your current business and teach you how to get your business on the right track for the long haul.

No matter the reason that you bring us onto your team, we have the knowledge and experience to make a difference in the efficacy of your organization.

Consulting for Mental Health Providers

RevWerx specializes in behavioral health billing services. We provide revenue-focused services for providers focused on mental health services. Whether you are a private practitioner or operating a small to midsize inpatient facility, we can help. Our process begins by assessing the overall capabilities of your organization. Then, we will collaborate with your team to create a bespoke action plan that addresses and solves any issues that you may be experiencing with the revenue cycle process.

Next, our RevWerx team will help you to change or adapt existing processes for maximum efficiency. In order to accomplish this goal, you meet with our RevWerx team to develop:

  • Compliance policies and procedures
  • Processes to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of compliance policies
  • An agency’s annual compliance work plan
  • Distribution of compliance updates and newsletters
  • Corrective action plans as needed

Improve Your Billing Process with Our Behavioral Health Consulting Services

Mental health providers are essential for people who need proper treatment. Mental health treatment shouldn’t be disrupted for any reason, especially because of problems with the revenue cycle process. Our RevWerx team provides behavioral health consulting to ensure that your mental health treatment center can focus on your patients’ well-being instead of the billing cycle. If you are interested in our behavioral health consulting services, contact our team today by calling (800) 851-7093 or complete our secure online form. Let our team help your team of mental health providers do what they do best, enhancing the quality of life for people with mental health disorders.