revwerx provides consulting for mental health providersRevWerx evolved from behavioral health-focused consulting and common issues we identified. We specialize in providing insight and solutions for those treating substance use disorders, behavioral and mental health disorders. We understand having an outside perspective with fresh ideas can revitalize any business or practice. Having worked in a variety of treatment settings with varying focuses and sizes, RevWerx can provide insight into industry best practices. Whether a provider is well established or a start-up, we can help.

The Importance of Consulting for Mental Health Providers

One of the main reasons our services are necessary is that many mental health providers focus on patient care. With the rise of mental health diagnoses across the country, mental health providers are now more essential than ever. If you are a mental health provider, our RevWerx team wants to ensure that your operation is running as smoothly as possible so that people can receive the high-quality mental health treatment that they deserve.

So, why should you choose RevWerx for consulting needs? One of the many qualities that set us apart from other consulting providers is that we want to teach your staff everything that they need to know about the healthcare RCM billing process. In fact, our goal is to educate your staff so that you won’t need our help anymore. We are that confident in our ability to help your mental health facility.

Key Questions for Mental Health Providers

Our RevWerx team can provide insight for mental health providers. First, we examine your business’ current situation to find room for improvement. It can be very easy to identify problems in an organization, and some psychiatric consultants may be content to tell what these problems are and move on to the next client. That’s one of the main reasons why RevWerx is unique. We pride ourselves on being “solution-focused,” so we want to determine the best way forward for your organization.

We improve your business by formulating a bespoke plan that meets your mental health facility’s specific needs. In order to create an action plan, we typically ask key questions of the mental health providers, including:

  • Which markets have the greatest unmet demand based on patient population growth, reimbursement/payer dynamics, competitive dynamics, quality of the supply-side response, policy frameworks, regulatory landscape, etc.?
  • Which levers can we pull to improve performance (e.g., greater service line specialization, pathway integration, enhanced reimbursement, improved staffing models, improved clinical practices, enhanced technology)?
  • How can we integrate physical and mental healthcare for the benefit of patients and caregivers?
  • How can we take full advantage of risk-sharing opportunities for complex populations?
  • How should shifts toward outpatient and/or community-based care settings influence investments?
  • In the U.S., what are the optimal in-network (and associated requirements to measure and report outcomes) and private pay strategies?

We use your responses to these questions to collaborate with you on an action plan. Your action plan is customized specifically for your needs, so you know that you are not getting a “cookie-cutter” action plan. Let our team of experts help you run your operation efficiently so that you can treat as many people as possible.

Streamline Your Mental Health Facility with Our Consultants

RevWerx proudly provides outstanding consulting services for mental health providers. The RevWerx difference is our comprehensive range of services and our excellent customer service. We want to become your billing department, not your billing company. Learn more about our psychiatric consultants or any of our services by calling (800) 851-7093 or completing our secure online form today. RevWerx is an industry leader in consulting for mental health providers. Find out why by contacting us today.