a pair learns about healthcare revenue cycle management servicesRevWerx provides a truly bespoke approach to revenue-focused solutions. Just as medical treatment begins with a thorough assessment and prognosis, we believe a company’s health should be approached similarly. Over ninety percent of our accounts begin with a revenue-focused audit. This audit reviews all systems and processes that fuel the overall financial performance of any practice or program. This allows us to identify and create solutions truly designed for your needs.

Properly accepting and billing insurance requires more than just submitting claims. Insurance Providers need a clear and concise picture of their members’ care, from admission to discharge. RevWerx specializes in helping providers with all billing needs, from the opening of a claim to all claims closing.

Services Overview

RevWerx is a full-service revenue cycle management company working with mental health and addiction treatment providers across the country. We provide a wide range of services so that we can be there for you throughout the billing cycle. Some of our services include:

  • Audits and reporting – RevWerx provides full-service billing audits and reporting services. Many providers we work with reported feeling their billing procedures were working well. Yet, once we complete the audit, we identify revenue leaks costing tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Along with audits, RevWerx can create customized reporting packages for administrators, owners, and operators.
  • Claims management – Catching errors effectively is dependent upon your billing provider. RevWerx understands the nuances of addiction treatment, mental health treatment, and other behavioral health practices. We also understand that providers depend on insurance reimbursement to maintain their practice or program. We take your revenue seriously. We build close relationships with those we represent and understand our success is dependent upon yours.
  • Utilization review – Utilization review, also known as “UR,” is the lifeblood of filed claims. Our UR team is comprised of clinicians specializing in helping providers demonstrate the clinical needs of those they serve. While we provide full-service UR, we also train clinical teams on how to document for success.
  • Verification of benefits – We provide full-service verification of benefits services. Our VOB services are not based on “cookie-cutter” data that can result in unpaid claims or denied services. We call on each policy and verify what benefits are available. We will also work closely with admission staff to ensure quick turnaround times.
  • Pre-authorizations – RevWerx will also help you with pre-authorizations to ensure that there is no friction in the billing cycle.
  • In-house billing implementation – We assist providers with assessing whether taking billing in-house vs. utilizing a third party is the right approach. We do this by assessing the size of practice, organizational structure, levels of care, staff bandwidth, and other key factors. We recommend a blended approach for many providers, which means maintaining crucial components to the utilization review process in-house to ensure accurate and effective documentation. Then, we leverage third-party providers for time-consuming and tedious parts of the billing process.
  • Aging collections services – With the increase in demand for substance abuse and behavioral health services, we are seeing an increase in denied claims, frozen claim payments, and delayed overall reimbursement. Often, there are simple remedies for delayed aging. Other times, it requires ongoing persistence to pursue and receive delayed claims. Our staff is well equipped to identify what the barrier is and purse the claims to closing.

Let Our RCM Services Ease Your Workload

Our RevWerx healthcare revenue cycle management services may be the key to streamlining your billing cycle. Our comprehensive healthcare RCM services are available every step of the way, and our team is ready to answer any questions that you may have. Contact us today by calling (800) 851-7093 or completing our secure online form and let our RevWerx team become part of your team.