a pair talks about billing audits and reportingAs healthcare continues to evolve with an emphasis on value in patient care and fairness in payments, medical billing audits are expected to take place at a faster and faster clip in the years to come. Medical practices, addiction treatment facilities, and mental health treatment centers should expect every aspect of their operations to be subject to scrutiny, from coding accuracy and incentive program participation to end-to-end billing and compliance.

RevWerx can be your ally in this aspect of the billing cycle. We provide full-service billing audits and reporting services. Many providers we work with reported feeling their billing procedures were working well. Yet, once we complete the audit, we identify revenue leaks costing tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Although the truth can be shocking, it is crucial for your success that you identify these leaks so you can work on plugging them. Reach out to our RevWerx team today to solidify your billing cycle with our billing audits and reporting services.

Billing Audits and Reporting Overview

Your medical billing and coding services are not compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), there is a chance of the federal government taking action against your business. Among other consequences, the government can penalize your medical practice if your billing standards are not up to the mark. The regulations have become stricter over time, and there is no margin for inappropriate or false services. Even if your medical billing and coding practices work fine, medical billing audits from RevWerx can help avoid mistakes and ensure reliable revenue cycle management.

Our RevWerx team can help you avoid some of the mistakes that businesses make in the billing cycle. One of the common problems in the billing cycle that many healthcare providers have is claims that get denied. Generally, claims get denied due to the following reasons:

  • Improper or false payment adjustments
  • Patient eligibility and verification issues
  • Wrong documentation of healthcare procedures
  • Lack of necessary medical information

That’s why our billing audits and reporting services can be so vital to your organization. Medical billing audits are an opportunity to improve claim performance. Along with audits, RevWerx can create customized reporting packages for administrators, owners, and operators. Our comprehensive range of services can maximize your organization’s efficiency.

Benefits of Proper Billing Audits and Reporting

When you partner with RevWerx, our billing audits and reporting can “grease the wheels” of your revenue cycle. Some of the benefits of billing audits include:

  • Improved coding accuracy as per the latest guidelines
  • Identification of the potential problematic errors
  • Enhanced reliability and transparency of the billing system
  • Streamlined workflow of your medical practice
  • Strengthened relationship between medical practices and insurance companies

Our RevWerx team will go the extra mile to ensure that every step of your billing process is operating at peak levels. This kind of service makes us distinctive among our colleagues. We work with you to create a bespoke action plan to fix any issues that your organization is experiencing.

Partner with RevWerx for Your Billing Audits and Reporting Services

One of the reasons that RevWerx’s billing audits and reporting services are in such demand is our high level of client satisfaction. As a solution-based company, we not only identify the problems in your billing cycle but also provide the solutions to improve the efficacy of your entire organization. If you are interested in learning more about our medical billing audits and reporting services, contact our team today by calling (800) 851-7093 or completing our secure online form. Don’t hesitate to increase the efficiency of your billing cycle by letting our RevWerx team become part of your team today.