people discuss the insurance claims management processAs a full-service revenue cycle management company, we assist behavioral health providers with claims submission from admission to the close of claims. Given our more direct involvement with each of our clients, we can identify any processing delays immediately. While we can handle the entire billing process, some of our clients prefer to manage specific aspects of the insurance billing process. Regardless of how your facility or practice is set up, our RevWerx team can handle all of your claims processing needs.

Insurance Claims Management Defined

Insurance claims management is the process of actually submitting claims to the insurance provider or payer. This process can cause major errors or delays if not submitted correctly. Catching errors effectively is dependent upon your billing provider. RevWerx understands the nuances of addiction treatment, mental health treatment, and other behavioral health practices. We can review and enhance each step of the claims management process, whether you are experiencing hiccups with your medical claims’:

  • Organization
  • Billing
  • Filing
  • Updates
  • Processing

Our team has worked with healthcare providers of all sizes, so we have the knowledge to revitalize your operation. How do we accomplish this lofty goal? Our RevWerx team utilizes advanced software to assist with the process of ensuring real-time feedback. This revolutionary software allows us to identify any error or delay immediately. Many of these delays can be remedied with resubmissions or other corrective actions.

We also understand that providers depend on insurance reimbursement to maintain their practice or program. So, we take your revenue seriously. Our team will work diligently to build close relationships with those we represent. The bottom line for our partners that we only succeed when your business succeeds, so we are personally invested in better outcomes.

The RevWerx Difference in Claims Management

RevWerx can boost the speed of your claims management capabilities. We will collaborate with your employees to identify obstacles in the process and then devise ways to circumvent these problems. Some of the methods that we use to streamline your claim management process include:

  • Consolidating workflows – Processing claims can be lengthy if things aren’t well-organized and the steps make sense. Within your facility, a claim should be limited to how many hand-offs take place. Our RevWerx team will minimize the parts of each step so that speed is the most important factor.
  • Improving information technology systems – Automation is the key to improving efficiency and accuracy, especially in the healthcare industry. RevWerx will enhance your technological capabilities to ensure that no data is missed, everything is accurate, and errors are caught before they get to the medical billing stage.
  • Embracing digital – One of the ways to improve healthcare claims management is to reduce medical and operating costs while also improving customer experience. Rigorously applying “digital-first” as a guiding principle for building a digital claims process will help payers achieve these aims.

These strategies are only a few of the measures we can implement when we become your billing partner. Think of us as your billing department, not your billing company. Our help can free your organization to focus on what really matters, which is the health and well-being of your patients.

Accelerate Your Insurance Claims Management Process

Insurance claims management is an essential component of business for any substance abuse treatment center or mental health treatment facility. If your medical claims processing procedures are holding back your entire RCM process, our RevWerx team can help. We have years of experience in the healthcare industry, and we can provide insights for healthcare providers.

Reach out to our team today by calling (800) 851-7093 or completing our secure online form. You can turn any insurance claims management weakness into a strength with the RevWerx team’s support. Contact us now.