a man works on the medical billing industryRevWerx is a leader in the healthcare RCM industry because of how we set ourselves apart. We are a clinician-based organization, which puts us in a unique and fortuitous position to communicate with insurance companies. We also provide a bespoke service to our clients – our work is entirely based upon what a given billing department needs to grow and operate at its best possible level. By completing audits and analyzing your facility or practice, we can determine how best to help you and ensure you are at the top of your game. By partnering with RevWerx healthcare RCM services, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re taken care of.

Medical billing and insurance claim processes can be some of the biggest hurdles in getting an organization off the ground and keeping it afloat. We understand that these processes can be confusing and complicated for any healthcare provider, regardless of experience level. Any organization can feel overwhelmed by these processes, especially those with a smaller amount of staff. Larger companies can likewise feel like they’re barely treading water when rejected insurance claims and billing hiccups set them behind.

Partnering with an RCM service can feel like a big step, but know that it’s a step in the right direction. Working with RevWerx can give you the peace of mind you need to make your facility or practice the absolute best it can be.

Services for Healthcare Providers

Our roots as a company lie in consulting services for behavioral health providers. Since our establishment, we have grown to offer these services to addiction treatment providers, and we have exponentially increased the services we provide to these industries.

We offer comprehensive RCM services to healthcare providers in the addiction recovery and behavioral health fields, including:

  • Billing audits and reporting services
  • Insurance claims management
  • Utilization review services
  • Verification of benefits and pre-authorization
  • In-house billing implementation
  • Aging collections management

Even with the addition of our RCM services, we haven’t lost our roots in consulting:

  • Consulting for mental health providers
  • Consulting for addiction treatment providers

Another way that RevWerx stands out from other entities in the RCM and consulting industry is through the use of a dedicated utilization review nurse. Our UR nurse can act as your first lieutenant in communicating with insurance companies about claims. Often, insurance companies use a clinician to deny claims, knowing that it can be difficult to argue. Our unique, clinician-focused approach puts another UR nurse at the other end of that conversation.

Whether a given company reaches out to us for consulting services or our RCM services, they can rest assured that they are making a decision to help their organization thrive. We are experts in every aspect of the billing process, and we are happy to lend that expertise to you in order to grow or more effectively manage your business. RevWerx is a leader in the industry for many reasons, and we would love to show you exactly why so many people depend upon our services.

Partnering with RevWerx

When you partner with RevWerx, our team can work with you to create a customized action plan to solve any issues your practice may be facing. We know that medical billing and insurance claims can cause headaches for staff trying to focus on their own clients, but we can help you rest easy knowing that your billing department is in good hands. From our roots in consulting services to the RCM services we are known for today, we are built to last as your greatest ally in the billing process. To get more information on what we can do for you, call us today at 833.309.0138 or fill out our secure online form.